Family and Friends and Outward Bound

After returning from the Grand Canyon, The 2 Woods split in the spirit of “Divide and Conquer”.  Lilita  drove up to Mazama, WA in her new Honda Fit to put in some work for Outward Bound while I went out on my own to spend some time with family and an old friend I grew up with.

My dad, Robert, and I spent a week traveling through Northern California exploring the Mendocino National Forrest and The Lost Coast before spending a few days camping and kayaking on the Trinity River.

I then flew out to St. Pete Beach, Florida to spend a week on the beach with my two sisters, Mira and Rose, and their sons, Augustine and Justin.  This was the first time just us siblings got to spend time together in quite some time and was very special for us.

Since I was already in the south-east I called up my oldest friend, Darrell, who lives just outside New Orleans and got his permission to stop by for a last-minute visit before heading back to Cali.  It was great to re-connect after a few years and spend some quality time together.  Darrell and his wife, Kara, are in the middle of building a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic for Kara which is so impressive to me.  They are putting in so much time, work, and money and I know it’s going to work out for them in the long run.

After returning to Cali I was thinking I might have some down time but Lilita called me up and said “Why don’t you come see me in Mazama?”  As you know, she has the best ideas so I took off the next day and headed to Mazama for a week to spend some time with the love of my life in one of the most stunningly beautiful areas of the world.

We took 3 days and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Rainy Pass south to the town of Stehekin and back out again and relived our glory days on the PCT as well getting to visit the famous Stehekin Bakery!

The snow was melting fast but that also meant the rivers were flowing so we took a day and kayaked a section of the Skagit with Lilita’s friend Skylar.  It was my first day ever of Rock Climbing and Kayaking in the same day!  We also ran a section of the Methow River near Pateros which was a ton a fun (except the part of me getting recirculated in a large hole and eventually swimming).

Also we got to hang with some old OB friends, Megan, Ian, Anna, Adam, Boosh-Man, Ryan, and others I’ve met in years past.

Now I’m staying in Paradise, CA with Lilita’s mother, Judy, wrapping up some loose ends, and preparing to meet back up with lilita on the 4th of July for the Dinner Plate Traverse in the High Sierras and a road trip back to Michigan before I report back to work on Sept 1st.