Nepal Needs Our Help



Having lived in Nepal in 1999 and recently visiting the country again this spring, Lilita and I have been feeling the pain the Nepal is going through.

Hundreds of thousands of houses were destroyed, rendering people homeless.  Entire villages were flattened across many districts of the country.

The true extent of the damage from the earthquake is still unknown as reports keep filtering in from remote areas, some of which remain entirely cut off. The U.N. says the quake affected 8.1 million people — more than a quarter of Nepal’s 28 million people.

A U.K. International Search and Rescue said a team had driven as far as it could, then walked for hours into six remote villages to assess them. The team reported that the villages had been so badly hit, 80 percent of their inhabitants had died.

The situation is BAD and Nepal NEEDS our help.  The local government is overwhelmed and supplies and resources are badly needed.

Please donate to one of the Non-Profit agencies working on the Nepal Relief effort!

Lilita and I have spent a couple hours researching different non-profits working in Nepal right now and decided to give to the following:

Direct Relief – California based but has been working in Nepal for many years.  Easy online donation.

Himalayan Healthcare – Local Nepal non-profit.  Easy online donation.

Friends Service Council Nepal – Local Nepal non-profit.  To donate to this organization you will need to wire money to their bank account in Nepal.

  • Name of the Account: Friends Service Council Nepal
  • A/C Number:- 006003010060022
  • Swift Code:- HIMANPKA
  • Name of Bank:- Himalayan Bank Limited,
  • Address of Bank :- Pulchowk, Patan , Lalitpur,
  • Country :- Nepal

The Red Cross is always a good option and there any many more if you do a little research.

Thank you!