Everest Base Camp Trek and Happy Holi


Everything about the Everest Base Camp Trek was humbling! The altitude, terrain, and weather brought physical challenge. Porters carrying way more weight and with out fancy-pants gear would blast by us. We got up Kala Patthar at 5,644.5 meters (18,519 ft).  It was higher than either of us had ever been before and the oxygen level is 50% less than at sea level. When we got to the top, we were at the ankles of the surrounding peaks such as Pumori at 7,161m (23,494 ft), Nuptse at 7,855m (25,771 ft), and of coarse Everest at 8,848m (29,029 ft)! The Khumbu glacier was giant and seemed like it went on forever.  We planned on spending more time in the area but we got blasted with about 3 feet of fresh pow pow and snowed for two days straight with more coming in the forecast. We hiked through snow the last couple days back to Lukla and flew back to the warm streets of Kathmandu for some R & R.


We arrived back in Katmandu on the Hindu Holiday of Holi and it was CRAZY!  The moment we left the safe confines of our hotel we were being colored by powdered dye, pelted by water balloons from all directions, and having buckets of water dumped on us by unsuspecting old ladies.  Mobs of teenage boys roamed the streets chanting and coloring everyone in their path.  It was fun most of the time but it did boarder on too aggressive for our tastes a couple times.  We lasted about three hours in the mayhem and then went back to our hotel to take the long, hot shower we had been dreaming about during our hike in the wintry Everest region.

Tomorrow morning we leave Kathmandu for the Sun Kosi River and will be doing a 7 day and 130 mile oar raft trip down one of the longest rivers in Nepal.  We figure there isn’t a better way to get ready for rowing the Grand Canyon than get some time behind the oars on one of the most epic rivers in Nepal!