Post PCT: Joshua Tree, Michigan, Hawaii

Justin and I want to thank you for reading this and also thank those of you who have been encouraging us to keep up with this blog!

It has been about four months since we finished our hike!!!!

Walking into Canada came with mixed emotions: We had developed a strange comfort in the simplicity of knowing that we would be walking the next day and that comfort was gone.  There was relief in knowing that we had done it and that we didn’t have to hike anymore. We were super proud of ourselves for achieving our goal. It was exciting to think about the luxuries and comforts we were going to get to enjoy. We felt sad knowing that this incredible chapter of our life had come to an end. We were leaving our home on the trail.

Transitioning back to “real life” can be difficult for a lot of PCT hikers. We are fortunate because we have each other to relate to and to process with. Another huge help was that hiking the PCT was just one piece of a larger 1.5 year sabbatical.  We have more time and plans before going back to work and moving into our home. We are incredibly fortunate to have this time.

One of our biggest priorities was to spend time with family and friends. The other was to spend time outside. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to:

Visiting Justin’s home land of Michigan.


We brought in the New Year climbing and hiking in Joshua Tree.


We went to the Big Island.

We have been having lots of quality time in and around Chico during our staycation.

Life feels so big and we are so beyond stoked for all this opportunity to be with those we love, do things we love in places we love! Our gratitude is larger than I can express!

On February 3rd we are heading to Nepal. We want to walk amongst the highest mountains in the world and submerge ourselves in the Nepalese culture. Until next time…namaste!