The end of the trail….Manning Park, Canada

Fog on the last day
Fog on the last day

We have have had the gift of walking a trail from Mexico to Canada. Life was simple-we spent most of our days walking and for the most part we lived outside in the elements having the sky above us and the earth below.

I can describe this walk as a stripped down experience made of the finest ingredients. We had time together and with friends in beautiful and wild places. We had time to think and listen and talk and look around. We had challenge-physical, mental and emotional.

I know this walk has enriched my life and will always serve as a teacher for me. A reminder of the beauty of simplicity and the importance of challenge. I am so very proud of us and mostly I feel incredible lucky. Here are some pictures from our last days.

Once we got to the Monument/ Northern Terminus we weren’t quite sure what to do. Here we were at the end- a moment we had thought about for a while. I think we were both in a little shock. But, it didn’t take too long to start celebrating and taking a ton of pictures.

Our dear friend Corey who hiked the trail in 2010 (BA Curley) sent us a package for us to open at the terminus. It had personalized party hats and noise makers. The hiker who was at the terminus last (Paca Bear) had left a bottle of champagne. And we were there with Brent (Lava) who had hiked all of Washington with us, Meg (Guilty) and Ian. It was so dang AWESOME to have our friends there with us on such an important occasion!