Oregon complete!

We made it to the Columbia River Gorge and are now in the friendly confines of the Hartmann household in White Salmon, WA for the night.


  • Tons of huckleberries, blueberries, thimbleberries, and other berries we can’t identify
  • Crater Lake thunder and lightning storms
  • Fires in southern Oregon
  • lots of shade and mellow terrain
  • alpine wildflowers
  • Eagle Creek waterfalls
  • hiking 63 miles in one day
  • visiting Star Rider’s sister in Portland
  • visiting the Hartmann’s in White Salmon, WA at the border
  • the buffet at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood
  • lava fields
  • Meeting Bink (Scott Williamson) who has hiked the PCT 13 times and is currently hiking south attempting to beat the current speed record
  • 4 days off for our friend Molly’s Blessing Way ceremony
  • Running into tons of other hiker friends on the trail including Ranger Jan, Kokopelli, Bright Eyes, Hot Thigh Motion guys, Karaoke, Hot Pants, and many more.
  • The Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Mt Hood, and Mt. Thielsen.


  • Hiked into Oregon from California on Aug 3rd
  • Reached the northern border on Aug 25th
  • Hiking days = 17
  • Non hiking days = 5

We’re feeling so fortunate to be where we are and are super excited to start hiking north into Washing tomorrow!