63 Mile Day!

The most we had hiked in a single day up to this point was 36 miles headed into Crater Lake a couple weeks ago.  The trail coming up was relatively flat compared to past sections so we had been talking about challenging ourselves to hike 40 miles the next day but then we ran into a bunch of our friends who had set up camp early so they could attempt to hike 63 miles (100 KM) the next day ending at Timberline Lodge.

Our friend, Thigh Gap, has done some Ultra Marathons before hiking the PCT so he had been wanted to do something like this for a while and he had gotten Sparkle Motion, Wild Card, E.T., Poison, and Indy all on board to attempt it together.  Dawn Patrol was super stoked on the idea of hiking with the crew and I couldn’t deny this unique opportunity so we decided to go for it as well.  After dinner the 8 of us passed out early around 8pm and woke 3.5 hours later at 11:30 pm and were starting to hike at midnight.

Dawn Patrol and myself had a plan to hike our initial goal of 40 miles and then just play it by ear depending how we felt.  We hit 40 miles by 3:30 pm and were feeling good so we just kept going.  Sparkle Motion was wearing a speaker and we listened to a Radio Lab podcast on “Limits” which helped keep our mental focus on the task at hand.  Around 7 or 8pm we hit 52 miles and still had the last 11 miles to climb up Mt. Hood to Timberline.  We powered up the last climb with Sparkle Motion and Wild Card jamming out to the Beastie Boys somewhat delirious but in good spirits.  We hit Timberline at 11pm which was 23 hours after we started and passed out sore but satisfied that we did it.

We found out the next morning that Thigh Gap, Indy, E.T., and Poison all successfully made it as well ahead of us so everyone who started also finished!  We celebrated by doing massive damage at the famous Timberline breakfast buffet and relaxing in the hotel hot tub.  We never would have thought we could hike that many miles in one day and we credit Thigh Gap for coaching us up and Sparkle Motion and Wild Card for hanging with us the entire day.  I believe I wouldn’t have done it without them.