The ever continuing TRAIL MAGIC!

The trail provides– or so they say and we couldn’t agree more. Here are some pictures of people who have picked us up hitchhiking, fed us amazing food or offered us places to stay.

Many pictures are without people- we only get to meet and experience their magic. Also- know that this trail magic update doesn’t include all the magic we have experienced (since the original post).


Meet the Saufleys.


These two are the Angels of Hiker Heaven. Up to 50 hikers a night can walk into their welcoming gates to find a warm place to sleep, make food, watch a movie, get their laundry done, use one of the four computers and have a shower. It is incredible. There were 6 volunteers their when we visited. They hand you loaner clothes for you to wear as they wash your clothes, find your resupply package, give you updated water reports and help you with anything else you need.


In their yard hikers find cots and shade structures to relax in. There is also an RV- they gave it to us for the night – because we are a couple! They rent a 15 passenger van and provide rides into Santa Clarita or you can borrow one of the 20 or so bikes they have to ride into Aqua Dulce.  Our experience their was an unbelievable treat! They definitely inspire giving it forward!



Happy Nomad!


This amazing guy started as a hiker- got injured and was able to stay involved in the trail by providing all kinds of goodies to hikers. We met him first at Sonora Pass and were gives ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbons. Next  he was combining forces with another trail angel Storyteller. They filled our bellies with Budweiser, cookies and fruit!!!! Then at SeiadeValley he gave us a giant amount trail food including home made diners, instant coffee and freeze dries yogurt! He began hiking again after staying off his injury for over 6 weeks and we hope the next time we see him he will be on the trail, hiking with his girlfriend Butterfly.


Wild Bird Cache..

a sanctuary out of nowhere. This place is on the trail- I don’t know how they do it- but the folks that keep this place up provide a pantry full of food, a solar shower, lounging chairs, soda and water at a spot right in the trail! When we arrived we got to visit with other hikers, load up our hungry bellies, listen to the radio and it was all so lovely!!!!


 Twigloo/ Cache 22

There is a 30 mile stretch near Old Station California with no water- unless Tread of Cache 22 provides it! When we were hanging out in the twigloo he stopped by and gave us some watermelon too!


Some good folks that picked us up hitchhiking.

 There are many more but we forget to take pictures sometimes…..


Water and coolers of beverages have been found all along the trail!!!




A hiker from 2012 made us some killer sandwiches! We even got to sit in a double camp chair!

Tour Guide & Holiday

This hiker couple did trail magic as they hiked and when they finished their hike (Campo to Tahoe).


Dottie & Allen

These family friends treated us to a vacation at their home including an INCREDIBLE home made dinner! Dottie is also giving us a ride back to Crater Lake ( a 2 hour drive – tomorrow 8/12)