People of the PCT: Henry

“My mom said I wouldn’t get past 300 miles, and she is my mom- she knows me well. I think the most surprising thing about this experience is that I made it this far (at mile 1650, over half way).”



Henry is from Flatpool, London. He has been dreaming of hiking this trail for over 20 years- and at two years shy of 60 he figured it was now or never. He quit his job as a truck driver and sold his car to have funds for his hike.

Henry has lost over 35 pounds. He is happy with his weight loss and increase in strength. But he is trying to eat more peanut butter (which is not his favorite thing to eat) to keep his weight from going too low. “Back home you just don’t hear people say pass the peanut butter”. He is battling tired and soar feet, hoping his money will last the whole trail and dreams of setting his uncomfortable backpack on fire when he gets done.

Talking with Henry we were reminded of how lucky we are to be on this hike.  He appreciates America and this Trail greatly.  We believe he is going to make it to Canada.