People of the PCT: Yogi

We were hiking along and saw magic. A canopy with people, coolers and chairs. They saw us too and started a slow clap to bring us in. I literally started to tear up at the warmth of these strangers that were going to give us food and drinks – just for hiking. Apparently, this group had been doing this for 7 years and had been there for two weeks, making pasta, banana pancakes, coffee and offering cookies & sodas. We caught them on their last day. DSC00686

“We get more out of this than you do”… said Yogi, one of the trail angels.

She believes they get more joy from giving than we do from receiving. And this woman knows very well how it feels to both give and receive trail magic. She has hiked many trails including the PCT, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail. Some of them twice. In fact Yogi wrote the book on hiking the PCT- for real (Yogi’s PCT Handbook). We bought the book and it really helped us prepare for the trail. We were really excited to meet her and have great conversation as she made us pasta! It was such a huge treat to get to hear about the PCT from such an influential and experienced hiker. One thing she said that really stuck with us is “Your thru-hike will change you”… we are already finding it to be true. Thanks so much Yogi!