People of the PCT: Huck & Luke

Luke (left) and Huck during an afternoon rest at the watering hole.

Brothers, Huck & Luke, are a couple nice young lads from Ontario, Canada.  We had a chance to get to know these two over the course of a few weeks on the trail.  Eventually they left us in the dust as they picked up their pace north of Mojave.

Last year Luke (22 years old) was planting garlic in Tennessee when he met a couple of folks who had hiked the PCT and got turned on to the idea of hiking the trail himself.  Luke says he likes the feeling of pushing his limits and wants to do the most epic things out there so hiking the PCT fit the bill perfectly.  Huck (20 years old) was immediately down to join Luke and they spent the winter working in Australia picking cherries to save money for the hike.

They were expecting thru-hiking to be difficult but it’s been harder than they thought.  It has taken some time for them to get used to the very regimented routine of “hike, eat, sleep, repeat.”  They have been enjoying the simplicity of hiking every day when food and shelter are always on your back.

Both Luke and Huck feel like they have lots of support from their parents and Luke’s girlfriend and are hoping their father can come out from Ontario to hike with the boys for a week.  The brothers credit their parents for raising them to be strong, do things right, and work hard.

The hardest time for Huck so far was the first three days on trail when heavy wind storms wouldn’t let up for days and trees were coming down around them.

One of Luke’s favorite times on the trail was a rowdy night hike with some friends out of Cajon Pass.  Huck’s favorite highlight was when he “met the prettiest girl in the world.”

Hopefully we see these two again down the trail.