People of the PCT: Bear Bait (Bones)

We met Bear Bait when he greeted us at Walker Pass with a cold soda and a pin that said “Bear Bait gave me a cold beverage at Walker Pass.”  This is his 7th year of providing Trail Magic at Walker Pass with his mother, Jackalope, who is a thru-hiker herself.  Bear Bait got his name when he was just a baby and his mom would joke that he would be bear bait if they left him behind on the trail.  Bear Bait says he wants to go by “Bones” now since he’s too big to be bear bait.  He’s already hiked a couple hundred miles of the PCT in sections and says he wants to hike the whole trail when he’s 13.  Bear Bait has an unnamed robot he made and can pitch a lean-to shelter that’s tight and right.  He’s currently lucky enough to be enrolled in the school of life with his mother has his teacher.  Lately they have been learning all about wolves and Bear Bait has a wolf patch on his ranger jacket he’s very proud of.  He also was eager to tell us about the Mojave Green Rattle Snake and how it has a striking distance of 2 to 3 times their length.  We had lot’s of fun hanging with Bear Bait, his mother, and Yogi under a shade tent at Walker Pass.