Kennedy Meadows to Donner Lake (PCT miles 703 to 1159)

We left Kennedy Meadows on June 8th and arrived at Donner Lake near Truckee, CA on July 7th so we’ve covered a lot of miles since we last were able to post pictures.  We’ve hiked through Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, John Muir Wilderness, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Mokelumne Wilderness, Inyo National Forrest, Toiyabe National Forrest, Desolation Wilderness, Sierra National Forrest, and the Tahoe National Forrest.  The land has been difficult to navigate at times with steep rocky trails but the scenic beauty has made it all worth it.  The trail has been oscillating from 7,000 ft to 12,000 ft elevation in this stretch and it wasn’t uncommon to climb 4,000 ft elevation in a single day.  We were surrounded by epic cascades, 14,000 ft tall mountain peaks, green meadows, wildflowers, and high lakes on a daily basis.  The Pacific Crest Trail is like a secret passage way through these rugged mountain ranges allowing us mere mortals to experience these natural wonders while hiking on well maintained and well graded trails.  The PCT is an impressive infrastructure in itself.

We made it to South Lake Tahoe for the 4th and watched the fireworks with our good friends, Steve, Reagan, Brenden, and Julie.

A few days later we stopped at Lilita’s cousin’s cabin in Donner Lake and got to hang with family which was very special.  The lake wasn’t too bad either.