Still off trail…

Hello from Santa Cruz!

We hung tough in Wrightwood for a solid 5 days and realized that Justin’s leg was going to take a lot longer to heal than we had expected. So we decided to leave…


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We took some buses & rented a car to go to Big Sur – where Hipnic music festival and some of our dearest friends would be.




We had an amazing time camping under the redwoods and listening to incredible live music!

IMG_0776                   IMG_0895





On day 3 of the festival a 6 year old threw a rock and it landed on my face (as I was lying next to the river). I got a tooth knocked out, a good cut on my lip and a couple of chipped teeth. Scott, Molly, Curtis & Justin took real good care of me & our time at the Hipnic was over.


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Thanks for the picture Scotty!

The lovely Dr. Hardy came in on Mother’s Day to work on my mouth & stitch up my lip.

 Then w

e came to Santa Cruz to stay with Amber – she made us feel so at home! I had more dental work done the next day.


After 10 days of not hiking the trail is feeling so far away. We are trying to stay positive and take care of our bodies, minds and spirits -but it has definitely been a challenge.  We are incredibly grateful for our amazing friends!!!!!

 Justin’s leg is still sore but starting to feel better. I am better too, my mouth will be tender for a while and I will be wearing partial braces to stabilize my tooth- but hopefully it will “grow” back into place- so I won’t need a falsey.


We hope to be back on the trail by Friday (5/16). Wish us luck!