Trail “Magic”

Trail Magic is a term round these parts for unexpected gifts or act of kindness… We are going to try to add photos and notes of this MAGIC as we go. So far we have been totally blown away! It is incredible to see the amount of support is shown for hikers. All we are doing is going on a personal challenge- it isn’t like we are trying to help some cause or make the world a better place….  Whatever the reason for all this magic- it has been  inspiring to say the least.

1. Ziggy and the Bear– These two are retired and grandparents. They have purchased their home next to the trail so that they can host hikers. They provide showers, coffee, water, a tub and dry line to do laundry & ice cream! They rent porta potties because they house so many folks. Getting their felt like home, we didn’t stay the night but we left feeling energized and so supported. Apparently they have been doing this for 19 years! On the fence outside their home they have a sign that says “pass it forward!”. We will sure try!


2. Jack & Judy. These two pulled over as we were reaching HWY 18 and offered us a ride into Big Bear City (which was farther then they were going). We didn’t even have to hitch-hike. Then they offered to take us to the store too and waited 45 minutes while we resupplied before taking us the rest of the way!


3. Temoc & Gustavo. These two gave us a ride into Wrightwood. They gave us soda and offered a ton of food! They were so kind and really warmed our hearts! Super sad we didn’t get a picture!

4. Bananas and drinks under HWY 10 provided by Lake to Lake’. It was a hot morning and these refreshments were LOVED!

5. Couch and a Giant box of goodies. Cookies, Soda, hand lotion and baby wipes- out of nowhere!


6. WATER!!!!! There have been many instances where there are water caches. Some are big, some small – all are appreciated!

 7.  Brad & his dog Sophia. They went way out of their way to  gave us a ride to Idyllwild. Sorry – no picture.

8. Mike Herrera’s. There are sign’s welcoming you to this place along the trail. You get there and are offered beer,  soda & water- then we were fed veggie burgers!  Amazing!

Hanging at Trail Angle Mike's for a few hours.  An oasis in the desert.
Hanging at Trail Angle Mike’s for a few hours. An oasis in the desert.