Hike your own hike

Hi Folks!

We are in a cute little town called Wrightwood and left the trail at mile 370. I think we should start calling this hike the West Coast Library Tour- it has been really fun to stop into these towns we have never heard of and use their library’s.

We weren’t planning on stopping here but Justin is having some pretty bad pain in his lower leg and it was getting worse. So we played it safe and were luckily a short hitch-hike away from this town. Send him positive healing thoughts please. In the mean time, we are soaking in all the amenities of the front-country!

So- this “blog post” is titled Hike your own hike. This phrase is commonly thrown around out on the trail. It even has an acronym HYOH! It is a phrase that I really appreciate – a reminder not to compare, to make what I want of this experience and to ask myself how I want to treat each new day. I bring it up because I think it is very applicable to life off the trail too. I hope to keep it in mind to hike my own hike and to respect the way others are hiking theirs too.

I feel really lucky to be here.  Hope you all are doing well!

Love, Lil

Here are some pictures from the last bit of our hike: