People of the PCT: Walljito

The folks on this trail all seem to have two things in common: good hearts and lots of character.  It has been a pleasure getting to know people in such an intimate and interesting setting. We thought you all might enjoy some insight into the folks who do this hike. So, along the way we are going to interview fellow hikers. IMG_0263

This is Walljito.

Walljito is his trail name (a very common social norm for hikers). He introduces himself by saying “Hi, My name is Walljito-like Mojito” . We have had such a blast hiking with this guy. He is a former engineer- so he has very thought out gear & food  systems. But we really love his strong character, thoughtfulness and huge generosity. We are also totally inspired by his physical and mental strength. He turns 74 in June!!!!


He is from Pheonix, AZ. and when he is not out here hiking he works in real estate “24/7, non-stop. Retiring doesn’t interest me, I will never quit working.”


When we asked Walljito about why he chose to hike the PCT- at first hesitated- because it is a big question. He has many reasons but he narrowed it down to a memory from his younger years. When he was racing motorcycles in the Baja 500, he met a racer that was 74. “I can still remember him as clear as the day is long” – He was then inspired to do something BIG when he was 74. So here he is, INCREDIBLE!


He doesn’t know anyone personally who has hiked the PCT and says that “Everyone back home thinks I am insane to stupid, including my wife Patty.” “What I like best about this is what you learn: Turn off your Wi-Fi or your battery dies & It is important to share experience (with your loved ones).” He believes this to be a “re-tool” experience for both he and his wife. He talks about Patty a lot and clearly misses her.