5 days on the trail

If you were not going to work for 6 months, what would you do?  We’ve choosen to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) for the following reasons:

– Simplicity
– Challenge
– Adventure
– Living outside
– Slowing things down
And more.

In just 5 days we’ve experienced all of those.  This trail is a gift and we’re thankful to be experiencing it. 

Here’s some highlights from the first 77 miles:
– Sleeping under the stars during a lunar eclipse
– Wildlife sightings including a bobcat, rattle snake, rabbits, cool birds
– Wildflowers everywhere
– Meeting many good people with tons of character.  (Walljito, Col. Mustard, Wilderness Bob)
– Hiking during sunrise and sunset in the same day.  (Unexpected night hike)
– singing Dick @ Jane songs on trail
– Lots of quiet time
– Passing through different ecosystems daily. 
– Making it to Stage Coach RV Park in Shelter Valley today.  Our Oasis in the desert.