Oh Chico…

As you already know- We LOVE Chico. We love how friendly it is here & our home, the park, farmers market, riding our bikes and most importantly- we love our friends. It is a bitter sweet time as we uproot from this community and look ahead to our home on the trail. It has been heart warming to receive so much help in moving out and fixing up our home.

Thank you greatly: Burrito delivery- Megan Fridge cleaning & staple removal- Lou, Yard work & cleaning (a lot of it)- Scotty, Painting & cock-ing-The Meg, Dry wall action – Will, The Fortress- Nick, Eli, & Brent, Giving us a home until we hike- Judy, Plumbing-Jimmy.

Thank you also to everyone for all the great visiting! You make it really hard to leave!

Lou cleaning
The backyard under construction